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Script Language Reference and Guide

This section will explain the features of AngelScript, the script language used by Amnesia (the syntax, data types, variables, functions, control flow statements, OOP support, etc.), and provide a guide on how to use these features in the context of the HPL2 engine. This is the fundamental knowledge that will help you understand how map scripting for Amnesia works. This guide is intended to teach you scripting (programming), and to be used as a reference to the features and the rules of the script language itself. It is not meant to teach you how to accomplish specific tasks in your custom stories and full conversions for Amnesia (although you might end up learning a few things about that as well).

If you are just starting out, you'll probably want to go through the topics in the order listed here. If you feel more comfortable with the scripting language, you can jump right to any page you want. Each topic assumes you're familiar (at lest to some extent) with the topics that come before it in this list.

Every topic begins with the "At a Glance" section, which is intended to be used as a quick remainder, a "cheat-sheet" of sorts; if you're new to the topic, you can skip to the "Discussion" section which follows immediately.


To do: What follows is a short list of topics which wait to be documented:

  • Arrays - array types in detail
  • Object oriented programming - classes, composition, inheritance, polymorphism
  • Debugging - a brief overview of common mistakes and of debugging ideas
  • Sandbox Maps - simple maps to help you learn.