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This page will guide you through the basic steps you want to make to get started modding HPL2. This guide will have you use Amnesia – The Dark Descent (TDD), not Amnesia – A Machine For Pigs (AMFP), as TDD is the one that is officially supported for modding.


Before you get started, you should already have the following:

  1. A legal copy of Amnesia – The Dark Descent installed. All platforms should work, including Steam, GOG and retail DVDs, on Windows, Mac OS X (versions EARLIER than 10.15 Catalina), and most Linux distros.
  2. Your code editor of choice installed. For example VS Code or Atom. If you're old school, Notepad++ also works great.

Setting up your game

The initial view of the HPL2 level editor.
The view of the level editor

Before you dive in, you should set up a few things:

  1. Install the development tools for your platform.
  2. Configure your game to use the development environment (optional, but highly recommended).
  3. Bookmark the Script Functions page. This page is a great reference for when you create your scripts.

Additional reading

Here are a few additional things you can do that are very useful to check out:

  1. Check out the HPL2 glossary for explanations of various phrases.
  2. Join the official Discord server and ask questions if you need help.

You are now ready to start setting up your first custom story!