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Welcome to the HPL1 documentation hub.
Here you can find extensive documentation about the engine, including downloads for various tools and tutorials on how to create your own mods.

Alert icon.png Warning: It's difficult to do anything with Penumbra: Overture and Penumbra: Black Plague as it requires using old software and learning a great deal before anything useful can be made. Take the time to read through the documentation and familiarize yourself with the tools.
Note icon.png Overture and Black plague are identical scripting-wise but differ with enemy types. Black Plague introduced the infected character whereas Overture can't load those in-game.


Development Tools | Troubleshooting

Getting started
Start here, you must also download some important files before anything useful can be made
Create various different things, from entities to materials.
Script Functions
See a list of all available script functions for the Penumbra games
Import, export, add and modify 3D models for the game
Create your own entity files with the power of Notepad++
Use the Material Editor to combine texture maps to create materials
Create your own visual effects with the HPL1 Particle Editor
Official step-by-step guides on a variety of topics, created by Frictional Games
Third-Party Tools
Useful developer tools
Explanations for terms you may encounter