Amnesia: Rebirth Mod Manager

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The Amnesia: Rebirth mod manager.
Note icon.png This page details third-party software which is not affiliated with Frictional Games.

Note icon.png This application is open source. View the repository on GitLab.

The HPL3 Mod Manager is an application intended to make it easier to manage and configure Amnesia: Rebirth mods. It removes the need to manually tamper with configuration files and keeps everything in one place so that it can be easily modified.


  • Add or create new mod entries.
  • Edit mod information: Name, Author, Description and Thumbnail Photo.
  • Manage mod dependencies.
  • Sync your mod to the Level Editor: If your mod has any custom assets, the level editor will automatically load it after it's synced.
  • Create a custom .dev launch file that will load your mod with your custom scripts and assets


Note icon.png This application requires a modern Java Runtime. Ensure you have the latest version installed.
Application Upload Date SHA VirusTotal
ModManager.exe 6 November, 2020 19de727b65be18c4fefd8824b36111afbd0f83d143624acb1549e0d524595b86 Results

The application can be run from anywhere on your computer, but it is recommended to place it in the main Amnesia: Rebirth game folder.