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-====== ​Model Viewer ======+====== ​Map Viewer ======
 ===== How To.. ===== ===== How To.. =====
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 ^Key ^Description | ^Key ^Description |
 |T |  Toggles hiding the toolbar ​ | |T |  Toggles hiding the toolbar ​ |
-===== Show bad vertices ===== 
-To help find why a mesh is broken or invalid you can use the Show bad vertices checkbox. It will draw a circle around every invalid vertex on the mesh. The circle is color coded to show how it is incorrect. 
-^Color ^Error | 
-|Red |Incorrect bind count. Vertex bound to more than 4 bones | 
-|Green |Incorrect normals. Normal is zero or infinite, this happens when all 3 points of a triangle are on the same location | 
-|Magenta |Incorrect tangets or UV mapping. This happens if all vertices on the same location have the same UV coord | 
-|White |All the above. Usually happens with free floating vertices | 
 \\ \\
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