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 +====== Outline window ======
 +The Outline window is a nice tool to edit attachments indirectly. When brought up, all objects in the scene will be listed in it.
 +Shapes belonging to bodies can be kept from being listed, this can be toggled with the "Hide connected shapes"​ input.
 +{{ :​hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​model_editor:​outline01.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +Depending on the type of object selected, additional commands will be displayed on it.
 +==== Bodies and bones ====
 +For bodies and bones, the "Edit Attachments"​ command will appear. ​
 +{{ :​hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​model_editor:​outline02.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +When clicked, a helper attachments window will pop up, where you can select the objects that you wish to be attached to this body or bone.
 +{{ :​hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​model_editor:​outline03.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +==== Joints ====
 +Joint objects will show four commands, which are "​Attach Parent",​ "​Detach Parent",​ "​Attach Child" and "​Detach Child",​ with "​Parent"​ and "​Child"​ meaning parent body and child body respectively. The "​Attach"​ ones will pop up a helper window just like with bodies and bones, only difference is these displaying bodies.
 +{{ :​hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​model_editor:​outline05.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +==== Rest of objects ====
 +Any object other than the above will show a Detach command, which will detach it from its parent body or bone if attached at all.
 +{{ :​hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​model_editor:​outline04.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
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