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Preferences window


  • Resolution: sets the size of the main editor window. Needs restart.
  • Max undo steps: modifies the number of steps that can be undone/redone in a session.
  • BG color: changes the color of the viewport background.
  • Disabled entity coverage: determines how “transparent” a mesh becomes when disabled (only for entities)


  • Texture quality: changes the quality for the texture mapping on objects. Possible values are: high, medium, low, very low. Needs restart
  • Lights active: turns off all ligths in the scene, except for the edition helper ones (ambient and point)
  • Particle systems active: turns off all particle systems in the scene.
  • SSAO active: toggles showing of SSAO.
  • Undergrowth
    • Show undergrowth: toggles showing of undergrowth on terrain. The undergrowth will still be there, just not shown.
    • Custom undergrowth fade start: sets a custom range for the terrain undergrowth to show.
  • Show skybox: toggles showing of skybox.
  • Show fog: toggles showing of the global fog.
  • Continuous rendering: sets if the viewports should be refreshed continuously or only when needed.
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