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Texture mode

This mode is used to edit the texture on the terrain.

As general parameters, one can set up: - A base material, so it shows on the parts of the terrain that are not painted by blend layers. This one obviates a fade start parameter. - Specular power - Default layer resolution.

To be able to paint on the terrain, one (or more) blend layers must be added. A blend layer has variable resolution, which can be set in the edit mode window. It also contains four sublayers, each below the next one. A blend layer will also appear below the one created after it, so keep that in mind. Each sub-layer has a terrain material. A terrain material is defined by a material file, a tile amount parameter and a fade start parameter. Additionally it has a vector of 3 real numbers ranging from 0 to 1, indicating how much of each detail texture (these being defined elsewhere) will be blended with the material.

There are two different brushes in this submode:

Add: will paint the affected area on the target sublayer. Erase: will remove the affected area from the target sublayer.

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