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Line 4: Line 4:
 In an empty map: In an empty map:
-{{findobjects01.jpg|}} ​+{{ :​hpl2:​tools:​editors:​level_editor:​findobjects01.jpg?​nolink ​|}}
 In a non empty map: In a non empty map:
-{{findobjects02.jpg|}}+{{ :​hpl2:​tools:​editors:​level_editor:​findobjects02.jpg?​nolink ​|}}
 It consists of the following inputs: It consists of the following inputs:
Line 21: Line 21:
 Searching for a string in name: Searching for a string in name:
-{{findobjects03.jpg|}}+{{ :​hpl2:​tools:​editors:​level_editor:​findobjects03.jpg?​nolink ​|}}
 Searching for a string in type: Searching for a string in type:
-{{findobjects04.jpg|}}+{{ :​hpl2:​tools:​editors:​level_editor:​findobjects04.jpg?​nolink ​|}}
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