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 ====== ExposureArea EditMode ====== ====== ExposureArea EditMode ======
-This creates ExposureArea objects. The edit mode window can set that will be used by every new exposure area.+This creates ExposureArea objects, which are areas that change the tone mapping parameters when entered. Used to simulate automatic correction of exposure that occurs when eyes get used to bright/dim lit environments. The edit mode window can set what will be used by every new exposure area.
 {{:​hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​level_editor:​exposurearea_mode.png?​200|}} {{:​hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​level_editor:​exposurearea_mode.png?​200|}}
 More on ExposureAreas [[hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​level_editor:​exposure_areas|here]] More on ExposureAreas [[hpl3:​tools:​maineditors:​level_editor:​exposure_areas|here]]
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