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Decals are used to add detail to geometry. Scorch marks, blood splatters and such can be added with this tool, only thing needed is a proper material and a surface to apply it to.

General Parameters:

  • Name: Name of the decal.
  • Position: 3D Vector storing the world position of the decal center.
  • Rotation: 3D Vector storing the rotation for the decal volume.
  • Scale: 3D Vector storing the size of the decal volume.

Specific Parameters:

  • Affected surface types: These three buttons will set which types of geometry objects are to be affected by the decal.
  • Material: Material file for the decal.
  • UV SubDivisions: number of subdivision in which the decal texture will be split (1×1 = 1 subdivs, 2×2 = 4 subdivs…)
  • Current SubDiv: index of the subdivision currently in use. These are numbered in a left to right, up to down order.
  • Decal Offset: distance that will separate the decal from the “host” surface.
  • Max triangles: maximum number of triangles the decal will use when generating the mesh.
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