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Areas, in a nutshell, are bounding boxes that can have all sorts of user definitions on them. For example, they can be used to do triggers on maps, player start positions, and so on.

General Parameters

  • Type: Type of area. Available values are game specific and should be looked up in the game specific section.
  • Name: Name of the area.
  • Position: 3D Vector storing the position of the area center.
  • Rotation: 3D Vector storing the rotation of the area box.
  • Size: 3D Vector storing the size of the area box.
  • Mesh: helper mesh file that will be drawn at the center of the area. Useful to set certain types of areas (sticky areas being a fine example)

Specific Parameters

This tab will show inputs instance variables specific for the current area type. Moving the mouse pointer over them will pop up a tip text describing them in detail.

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