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General Parameters:

  • Name: Name for the lens flare object.
  • Position: 3D Vector storing the position in world.
  • Rotation: 3D Vector storting the rotation. Only useful when the billboard type is Axis or FixedAxis.

Specific Parameters:

  • For each flare type
    • Material File: material file for this flare type.
    • Color: color for this flare type.
    • Size: size for this flare type.
  • Brigthness
  • MultiIris count
  • MultiIris texture atlas grid (subdiv)
  • Use parent mesh for occlusion
  • Mul glare with multiiris
  • Min/max range
  • Inner/outer FOV
  • Glare brightness
  • Glare StareAt
  • Glare range
  • Source size
  • Size change based on distance (percent)
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