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URL Protocol

An URL protocol is a way to link to a application from a webpage. We have support for this in both Depth and the ModelViewer. It can be used to give links to entities or map positions when giving feedback.


Download the .bat file and place it in depth/redist/ folder and run it. This will link the protocol to the correct directory and files.


To link directly to a mesh or entity you can use the following URL:


The supported file types are .dae, .ent and some .dae_anim files.

It is also possible to open a model file and make it play an animation. To do this use the following syntax

modelview:filename.dae filepath\animation_filename.dae_anim

Ex) modelview:professor.dae entites\characters\urban\professor\animations\idle.dae_anim


To link to a map file you can use the following URL

You can also add any other of the command lines after the url

Google Docs

Google Docs does not support URLs that do not link to webpages. To get around this you can use a URL shortener and add that as the URL to the document.

Just paste the protocol url and press Shorten!

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