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Getting started

Before doing anything with the game there are a few things you need to do. First up, start “DepthDebugDev.bat” in “redist”. This is dev version of the game and is used whenever you do actual development. When proper testing is to be made, run DepthDebug.exe (or Depth.exe if there is a new one, normally the debug version is the most updated). Having done this, navigate to “My Documents/My Games/Depth” and open “Dev_user_settings.cfg” in a text editor. Now you can change a lot of stuff for the game. Here are the most common stuff you want to mess with:

Change start map
Find this:

<Map File="" Folder="" StartPos="" />

Change File to the map you want to load and StartPos to the player start in the map you want to start at. For example:

<Map File="" Folder="" StartPos="MyStartPosition" />

Change resolution
Find this:

<Screen Width="800" Height="600" FullScreen="false" Vsync="false" />

You can now change these values to get the resolution you want.

Find this:

<Input InvertMouse="false" SmoothMouse="true" MouseSensitivity="1.000000" GamepadSensitivity="2.000000" />

and then change to have mouse inverted and stuff like that.

These are probably the most important things to know about, but poke around and see if there is anything of use. Next time you start “DepthDebugDev.bat” it will have these changes.

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