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User Modules

What follows is a list of all the premade user modules that come with the game.

  • Camera Animation - Handles animating the player's viewpoint.
  • Attack Meter - Handles attacking effects, knock-down, and dying.
  • Credits - Shows the list of people who made the game.
  • Datamine - Allows the player to listen to the last few moments of audio in a buffer.
  • Description - Obsolete module not used in SOMA.
  • Distortion Effects - Distortion and static on the player's vision.
  • Emotion - Handles the player's heartbeat and breathing.
  • Game Over - Shows a series of death screens, and displays the game over text.
  • Highlight Effect - Highlights interactable objects near the player.
  • Hint - Shows hints at the top of the screen.
  • Inventory - Handles the display of the player's inventory.
  • Light Flash - Creates a bright flash of light at a point in the gameworld.
  • Map Effects - Handles environmental particles and fog.
  • Menu - The whole front-end menu system for SOMA.
  • Player Energy - Handles the draining of Wau flowers for healing.
  • Player Hands - Handles player hand animations.
  • Player Pickup - Obsolete module not used in SOMA.
  • Player Tool - Manages the player's inventory, and how picked up tools interact and animate.
  • Terrain Particles - Obsolete module not used in SOMA.
  • Wake Handler - A simple eyelid-blinking effect.
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