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 ===== Additional animation setup ===== ===== Additional animation setup =====
 +Additional information about the animation can be setup by adding a .anm_info file with the same name as the animation. This file can be used to specify advanced settings that might be hard to get correct when exporting. The anm_info file is stored as an xml document.
 +==== Bone Setup ====
 +Information about which bones should be active for the animation can be specified in the file. You can either include or exclude bones. Each bone is specified with a name (wildcard allowed) and if it should affect all the children of the bone(s).
 +Here is an example of some XML code.
 +    <​BoneSetup>​
 +        <!-- Start by exluding all bones from this anim -->
 +        <Exclude Bone="​*"​ />
 +        <!-- Then include the top of the left arm and all its children -->
 +        <Include Bone="​j_L_Arm_1"​ Children="​true"​ />
 +        <!-- Then exlude the lower part of both arms using a wildcard -->
 +        <Exclude Bone="​j_*_Arm_3"​ Children="​true"​ />
 +    </​BoneSetup>​
 ===== 3DS Max ===== ===== 3DS Max =====
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