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Welcome to the community section of the HPL3 documentation wiki!

Within these walls you can read user-submitted tutorials and guides, along with any other form of information the community has put up here. If you'd like to participate, you can even create and update any pages as well with a wiki user.

Good luck!

Need help?

If you need help creating your wiki page, I'll roughly explain how to do so here.

Creating a page is easy enough. Right click the folder in the tree to the left, and select “New page here”. You will get a pop-up that asks for a page name. This is the filename of the page, not necessarily the displayed name. The file name will use underscores instead of spaces, and is always lower case. If you're creating a page on “Best Pizza Recipe” then an example of the page name can be “pizza_recipe”, however this is up to you.

To set the name of your page to a proper heading, write it into the first line on your newly created page. Set that line to Headers: Heading 1 to enable it to overwrite the filename from the navigation tree. You can also use other “Headings” as well if you prefer.

Once that is done, go ahead and write whatever it is you wish to add to your page. Click the save button to update. Optionally you may include a short description of your updates for the sake of logging revisions. Revisions can be used to restore an older copy of the page in case something goes wrong or someone makes an edit that isn't supposed to be there.

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