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iPhysicsRope has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
const tString& GetName
int GetUniqueID
void SetActive bool abX
bool GetActive
void RemoveAttachedBody iPhysicsBody@ apBody,
bool abRemoveContainerFromBody
void SetGravityForce const cVector3f &in avX
const cVector3f& GetGravityForce
void SetDamping float afX
float GetDamping
void SetParticleRadius float afX
float GetParticleRadius
void SetSlideAmount float afX
float GetSlideAmount
void SetCollide bool abX
bool GetCollide
void SetSleeping bool abX
int GetParticleNum
cVerletParticle@ GetParticle int alIdx
int GetUpdateCount const
void IncUpdateCount
void UpdateLengthConstraint cVerletParticle@ apP1,
cVerletParticle@ apP2,
float afLength
void UpdateLengthConstraint cVerletParticle@ apP1,
cVerletParticle@ apP2,
float afLength,
float afStiffness
void UpdateLengthConstraint cVerletParticle@ apP1,
cVerletParticle@ apP2,
float afMinLength,
float afMaxLength,
float afStiffness
void UpdateLengthConstraintStretch cVerletParticle@ apP1,
cVerletParticle@ apP2,
float afLength,
float afStiffness
void UpdateParticleCollisionConstraint cVerletParticle@ apPart,
const cVector3f& avPrevPos,
float afRadius
void SetPhysicsActive bool abX
bool GetPhysicsActive
void SetMotorActive bool abX
bool GetMotorActive
void SetMotorWantedLength float afX
void SetMotorSpeedMul float afX
void SetMotorMaxSpeed float afX
void SetMotorMinSpeed float afX
float GetMotorWantedLength
float GetMotorSpeedMul
float GetMotorMaxSpeed
float GetMotorMinSpeed
void SetMotorSound const tString &in asSound
void SetMotorSoundStartSpeed float afX
void SetMotorSoundStopSpeed float afX
const tString& GetMotorSound
float GetMotorSoundStartSpeed
float GetMotorSoundStopSpeed
void SetAutoMoveActive bool abX
void SetAutoMoveAcc float afX
void SetAutoMoveMaxSpeed float afX
void SetAutoMoveSpeed float afX
bool GetAutoMoveActive
float GetAutoMoveAcc
float GetAutoMoveMaxSpeed
float GetAutoMoveSpeed
cVerletParticle@ GetStartParticle
cVerletParticle@ GetEndParticle
void SetAttachedStartBody iPhysicsBody@ apBody
void SetAttachedEndBody iPhysicsBody@ apBody
iPhysicsBody@ GetAttachedStartBody
iPhysicsBody@ GetAttachedEndBody
void SetTotalLength float afX
float GetTotalLength
void SetMinTotalLength float afX
void SetMaxTotalLength float afX
float GetMinTotalLength
float GetMaxTotalLength
void SetSegmentLength float afX
float GetSegmentLength
float GetFirstSegmentLength
void SetMaxIterations int alX
int GetMaxIterations
void SetStrength float afX
float GetStrength
void SetStiffness float afX
float GetStiffness
void SetCollideAttachments bool abX
bool GetCollideAttachments
void UpdateConstraints
void RenderDebug iLowLevelGraphics@ apLowLevel


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