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iCharacterBody has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
const tString& GetName
void Update float afTimeStep
void SetForce const cVector3f& avForce
void AddForce const cVector3f& avForce
cVector3f GetForce
void Move eCharDir aDir,
float afMul
void StopMovement
int AddExtraSize const cVector3f &in avSize
void SetActiveSize int alNum
int GetActiveSize
bool CheckCharacterFits const cVector3f& avPosition,
bool abFeetPosition,
int alSizeIdx,
cVector3f& avOutPushBackVec
bool CheckRayIntersection const cVector3f& avStart,
const cVector3f& avEnd,
float& afOutDistance,
cVector3f& avOutNormalVec
void SetActive bool abX
bool IsActive
float GetMass
void SetMass float afMass
const cVector3f& GetSize
iCollideShape@ GetCurrentShape
iCollideShape@ GetShape int alIdx
iPhysicsBody@ GetCurrentBody
void SetCollideCharacter bool abX
bool GetCollideCharacter
void SetTestCollision bool abX
bool GetTestCollision
void SetPhysicsBodyActive bool abX
bool GetPhysicsBodyActive
void SetMaxPositiveMoveSpeed eCharDir aDir,
float afX
float GetMaxPositiveMoveSpeed eCharDir aDir
void SetMaxNegativeMoveSpeed eCharDir aDir,
float afX
float GetMaxNegativeMoveSpeed eCharDir aDir
void SetMoveSpeed eCharDir aDir,
float afX
float GetMoveSpeed eCharDir aDir
void SetMoveAcc eCharDir aDir,
float afX
float GetMoveAcc eCharDir aDir
void SetMoveDeacc eCharDir aDir,
float afX
float GetMoveDeacc eCharDir aDir
void SetMoveOppositeDirAccMul eCharDir aDir,
float afX
float GetMoveOppositeDirAccMul eCharDir aDir
void SetDeaccelerateMoveSpeedInAir bool abX
bool GetDeaccelerateMoveSpeedInAir
cVector3f GetVelocity float afFrameTime
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos,
bool abSmooth
const cVector3f& GetPosition
const cVector3f& GetLastPosition
void SetFeetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos,
bool abSmooth
cVector3f GetFeetPosition
void SetYaw float afX
void AddYaw float afX
float GetYaw
void SetPitch float afX
void AddPitch float afX
float GetPitch
void SetRoll float afX
void AddRoll float afX
float GetRoll
const cVector3f& GetForward
const cVector3f& GetRight
const cVector3f& GetUp
const cMatrixf& GetMoveMatrix
void SetGravityActive bool abX
bool GravityIsActive
void SetMaxGravitySpeed float afX
float GetMaxGravitySpeed
bool GetCustomGravityActive
void SetCustomGravityActive bool abX
void SetCustomGravity const cVector3f &in avCustomGravity
cVector3f GetCustomGravity
void AddForceVelocity const cVector3f &in avVel
void SetForceVelocity const cVector3f &in avVel
cVector3f GetForceVelocity
bool IsOnGround
void SetMaxOnGroundCount int alX
int GetMaxOnGroundCount
void SetCollideFlags uint alX
uint GetCollideFlags const
void SetGroundFriction float afX
float GetGroundFriction
void SetAirFriction float afX
float GetAirFriction
void SetDisableDiagSpeedBoost bool abX
bool GetDisableDiagSpeedBoost
bool GetMovedLastUpdate
void SetMaxPushMass float afX
void SetMaxPushForce float afX
void SetPushImpulse float afX
float GetMaxPushMass
float GetMaxPushForce
float GetPushImpulse
bool GetPushIn2D
void SetPushIn2D bool abX
void SetCharacterMaxPushMass float afX
void SetCharacterPushForce float afX
float GetCharacterMaxPushMass
float GetCharacterPushForce
bool GetCharacterPushIn2D
void SetCharacterPushIn2D bool abX
void SetConstantContactForceMul float afX
float GetConstantContactForceMul
void SetVelocityContactForceMul float afX
float GetVelocityContactForceMul
void SetMaxContactForcePerMassUnit float afX
float GetMaxContactForcePerMassUnit
void SetMaxNoSlideSlopeAngle float afAngle
float GetMaxNoSlideSlopeAngle
void SetStickToSlope bool abX
bool GetStickToSlope
float GetMaxStepSize
void SetMaxStepSize float afSize
float GetMaxStepSizeInAir
void SetMaxStepSizeInAir float afSize
void SetStepClimbSpeed float afX
float GetStepClimbSpeed
void SetAccurateClimbing bool abX
bool GetAccurateClimbing
void SetClimbForwardMul float afX
float GetClimbForwardMul
void SetClimbHeightAdd float afX
float GetClimbHeightAdd
bool IsClimbing
void ResetClimbing
void SetGroundAngleMin float afX
float GetGroundAngleMin
const cVector3f& GetLastGroundNormal
void SetRotateYawWhenGravityAttached bool abX
bool GetRotateYawWhenGravityAttached
iPhysicsBody@ GetGravityAttachedBody
iPhysicsMaterial@ GetGravityCollideMaterial
void SetCamera cCamera@ apCam
cCamera@ GetCamera
void SetCameraPosAdd const cVector3f& avAdd
cVector3f GetCameraPosAdd
void SetCameraSmoothPosNum int alNum
int GetCameraSmoothPosNum
void SetUpdateCameraYaw bool abX
bool GetUpdateCameraYaw
void SetUpdateCameraVelocity bool abX
bool GetUpdateCameraVelocity
void SetCameraUseSmoothing bool abX
bool GetCameraUseSmoothing
void SetCameraUpdateActive bool abX
bool GetCameraUpdateActive
void SetEntity iEntity3D@ apEntity
iEntity3D@ GetEntity
void SetEntityPitchAmount float afX
float GetEntityPitchAmount
void SetEntityOffset const cMatrixf& a_mtxOffset
const cMatrixf& GetEntityOffset
void SetEntityPostOffset const cMatrixf& a_mtxOffset
const cMatrixf& GetEntityPostOffset
void SetEntitySmoothPosNum int alNum
int GetEntitySmoothPosNum
void SetEntityUseSmoothing bool abX
bool GetEntityUseSmoothing
void SetUseEntitySmoothYPos bool abX
void SetEntitySmoothYPosNum int alX
bool GetUseEntitySmoothYPos
int GetEntitySmoothYPosNum


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