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Field Name Type Description
x float The x value of the vector.
y float The y value of the vector.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
float GetElement uint64 alIdx,
Gets the value at the given index. (Indices 0 and 1 are equal to x and y, respectively.)
void SetElement uint64 alIdx,
float afVal,
Sets the value at the given index to the given value. (Indices 0 and 1 are equal to x and y, respectively.)
float SqrLength const Returns the length-squared of this vector.
float Length const Returns the length of this vector.
float Normalize Returns the normalization factor for this vector. (See Remarks.)


A normalized vector is a vector whose length is equal to one, otherwise known as a unit vector. To convert a vector into a unit vector, get the normalization factor by calling the Normalize function, then divide each of the vector's x and y coordinates by that factor.

cVector2f vBaseVector(2.0, 5.0);
float fNormFactor = vBaseVector.Normalize();
cVector2f vNormalizedVector(vBaseVector.x / fNormFactor, 
                            vBaseVector.y / fNormFactor);
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