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cPostEffect_ToneMapping has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
void SetDisabled bool abX
bool IsDisabled
void SetActive bool abX
bool IsActive
void Reset
void FadeGradingTexture iTexture@ apGrading,
float afTime
void FadeExposure float afExposure,
float afWhiteCut,
float afTime
void FadeWindowExposure float afExposure,
float afWhiteCut
float GetTransitionTime
void SetColorGradingActive bool abX
void SetBloomActive bool abX
void SetFilmGrainActive bool abX
bool GetColorGradingActive
bool GetBloomActive
bool GetFilmGrainActive
void SetSRGBGamma bool abX
float GetExposure
void GetParams float& afKey,
float& afGammaCorrection,
float& afFilmGrainIntensity,
float& afBrightPass,
float& afBloomWidth,
cColor& avBloomTint,
float& afBloomFalloff
void SetParams float afKey,
float afGammaCorrection,
float afFilmGrainIntensity,
float afBrightPass,
float afBloomWidth,
const cColor &in avBloomTint,
float afBloomFalloff


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