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cParticleSystem has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
eEntityType GetEntityType
int GetUniqueID
void UpdateLogic float afTimeStep
const tString& GetName const
void SetName const tString &in asName
bool HasParent
bool IsActive const
void SetActive bool abActive
cVector3f GetLocalPosition
cMatrixf& GetLocalMatrix
cVector3f GetWorldPosition
cMatrixf& GetWorldMatrix
void SetPosition const cVector3f &in avPos
void SetMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxTransform
void SetWorldPosition const cVector3f &in avWorldPos
void SetWorldMatrix const cMatrixf &in a_mtxWorldTransform
int GetTransformUpdateCount
cBoundingVolume@+ GetBoundingVolume
bool GetScriptableIsSaved
void SetScriptableIsSaved bool abX
void AddChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
void RemoveChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
bool IsChild iEntity3D@ apEntity
iEntity3D@ GetEntityParent
cEntity3DIterator@ GetChildIterator
bool IsVisible
void SetVisible bool abVisible
bool GetRemoveWhenDead
void SetRemoveWhenDead bool abX
void Kill
void KillInstantly
void SetColor const cColor &in aColor
void SetFadeAtDistance bool abX
void SetMinFadeDistanceStart float afX
void SetMinFadeDistanceEnd float afX
void SetMaxFadeDistanceStart float afX
void SetMaxFadeDistanceEnd float afX
void SetBrightness float afX
const cColor& GetColor
bool GetFadeAtDistance
float GetMinFadeDistanceStart
float GetMinFadeDistanceEnd
float GetMaxFadeDistanceStart
float GetMaxFadeDistanceEnd
float GetBrightness


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