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cMesh has no public fields.


Return Type Function Name Parameters Description
cSubMesh@ CreateSubMesh const tString& asName
cSubMesh@ GetSubMesh uint alIdx
int GetSubMeshIndex const tString& asName
cSubMesh@ GetSubMeshName const tString& asName
int GetSubMeshNum
int GetTriangleCount
void SetSkeleton cSkeleton@ apSkeleton
cSkeleton@ GetSkeleton
void AddAnimation cAnimation@ apAnimation
cAnimation@ GetAnimation int alIndex
cAnimation@ GetAnimationFromName const tString &in asName
int GetAnimationIndex const tString &in asName
void ClearAnimations bool abDeleteAll
int GetAnimationNum
void CompileBonesAndSubMeshes
float GetBoneBoundingRadius int alIdx
cNode3D@ GetRootNode
void AddNode cNode3D@ apNode
int GetNodeNum
cNode3D@ GetNode int alIdx
cNode3D@ GetNodeByName const tString& asName


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