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HPL3 - Getting Started (WIP)

Just before we begin...

Well, firstly, welcome to the Community modding section. Here, you and others can contribute to the wiki; thus information may not be as heavily detailed and sophisticated as Frictional Games' official details; but as members, we'll do our best to provide precise and detailed steps for you.

This is the Getting Started page, which will contain various links to places which should be of great advantage to you to get introduced into HPL3. Of course, whatever your qualities are, you may be able to get instructions specifically on those since this will be a generic introduction; but once you learn something, ADD IT TO THE WIKI! We need more information, and anything you can provide is beneficial!

I want to create a mod! What should I do?

Personally, I believe the best way to learn is to see how others do things. In this case, doing some research, understanding how to structure code, exploring levels and determining the relationships between the editors and third party applications will be of great benefits to you. '

Here are some of the things you'll need to get started:

  • An installed Windows System (7/8/8.1/10), either as your main OS or a virtual copy (for example, emulated through Boot Camp. Wine may also be of use for Linux users).
  • A Windows installation of SOMA, as the editors are only present with Windows. You can buy SOMA from Steam, GOG or the Humble Store.
    • The editors are included with the download. You do not need to download them seperately.

These two mods which were officially released by Frictional Games should also be handy.

  • Custom Loading Bar: A graphical mod and allows you to get an idea of folder structure when creating graphical adjustments to SOMA. This particular Add-On changes the Loading Bar you see as the game starts up.
  • A Campaign: A Stand-Alone Content modification which can assist in putting together your own custom story or full conversion m

And these official pages from Frictional Games within the HPL3 wiki should also be of good use:

Other Links:

  • A post from Luis about setting up config files in your modification: Forum
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