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Level Editor

Tutorial 1 The minimum required to get a level that can load.

Tutorial 2 Placement of lights and advanced setup of lights.

Tutorial 3 How to make an outdoor enviroment.

Tutorial 4 Explains how to make water.

Tutorial 5 Prop dimensions and detailing your map.

Model Editor

Model Editor - Basic tutorial The minimum required to load a model as an entity with collision and game properties.

Model Editor - Creating Ragdoll Entities How to create full physics-based entities

Model Editor - Making Items Static How to change an items' properties to static

Particle Editor

Particle Editor - Creating Particles A guide on all the functions in the particle editor and what they do.

Material Editor

Tutorial 1 Basic materials and their properties.

Scripting tutorials

Tutorial 1 Using a tutorial level, with some objects to make basic scripts.

"For" Loop Explains how and when to use the “for” loop.

Advanced Timers Explains how to use multiple timers in one function.

Monster Path Nodes Explains how to set up a monster's path and how to trigger it.

Local and Global Variables Explains what they are and how to use them correctly.

Advanced Timers Explains how to use multiple timers in one function.

Item That Unlocks a Door How to make an item that unlocks a certain door.

Impulse and forces Explains how to use the Force and Impulse.

Push doors open using force Explains how to use Force to open doors and entities.

Buttons that opens a door Explains how to make buttons that opens a door.

Levers and secret bookshelfs Explains how to make a lever that opens a bookshelf.

Scary events Explains how to make scary door events.

Triggering monsters on entities Explains how to trigger a monster when picking up an entity.

Scripting Sequences Explains how to build simple and easy to use cutscenes, or sequences for your mod.

Scares Explains in as much detail as possible the multiple scares you can use without having to bring out the monsters.

Activating/Using Message Pop-Ups Explains how to activate a message to appear when walking into a script area.

Using A Crowbar On A Door Explains how to script a crowbar to blow open a door.

Adding Messages To Locked Doors Explains how to display a message when a player trys to open a locked door.

Combining The Hammer And Chipper Explains how to combine your hammer and chipper in your inventory


Modeling tutorial initially written for outsources.


User-made Tutorials

These tutorials are made by users / players like you! If you have something to share, create an account and make a page about it here.


Newbie's Guide to Scripting | A tutorial for those new to scripting, focusing on syntax and a few helpful hints - by Entih

'Disable' gravity and make objects float! | Using timer functions you can make entities seem to float! - by Frontcannon

Make a key unlock a specific door | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19

I screwed it and can't fix :(

How to create and use Areas or Triggers | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19

The Editors

Using the Level Editor (Part 1) | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19
Using the Level Editor (Part 2) | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19
Using the Level Editor (Part 3) | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19


Setting up your Custom Story (Part 1) | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19
Setting up your Custom Story (Part 2) | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19
Setting up your Custom Story (Part 3) | Video Tutorial- by MulleDK19

How to create your own Main Menu Backgrounds! | The usability of Amnesia's .cfg files and its Editors - by Tonewww

How to Create Notes and Journal Entries Explains how to make pickup notes and journals for your custom story.

How to create Custom Sounds | Teaches how to create custom sounds for your custom story. - by S tepper321

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