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Hello, stepper here! Today i am going in the depths of finding problems yourself! So you don't have to wait for answers and do it quickly.

Error menu

As always you see a error menu when you start the map with the error. There are error with misplacing, spelling errors, all that kind of stuff.
The menu looks like this:

While this error is hard to find in a large script. I put it in a short script.

As you can see is in wich map it is included, and what the name is. (custom_stories/name /maps/mapname.hps)
As you also can see is the main (132, 2): ERR : Unexpected end of file.
The 132 in my line is the position, this is really hard to find in Notepad. But easy in Notepad++, it's on the side.
So, i now know 132 is the position from up to down in my script. 2 is the position in that line. (left to right)
So, the position is 132 to down and 2 to right. Now you can go look what is missing, or wrong.

Fixing the errors.

Now we are going to fix the errors. I have put some errors right here, if you have another error, please Message me on the forums.

Unexpected end of file

This error can be the most common, it's mostly the missing of another “ somewhere, the most irritating of this is, you will need to look over the whole script for to know where it is.

Oh look, i found it. My error tells that it's on (132, etc…) altough it's actually on (19, etc…) (not shown on the image) So now i just replace it. And Done!

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