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Hello, stepper here! Today i am going in the depths of finding problems yourself! So you don't have to wait for answers and do it quickly.

Error menu

As always you see a error menu when you start the map with the error. There are error with misplacing, spelling errors, all that kind of stuff.
The menu looks like this:

knVOP.png While this error is hard to find in a large script. I put it in a short script.

As you can see is in wich map it is included, and what the name is. (custom_stories/name /maps/mapname.hps)
As you also can see is the main (132, 2): ERR : Unexpected end of file.
The 132 in my line is the position, this is really hard to find in Notepad. But easy in Notepad++, it's on the side.
So, i now know 132 is the position from up to down in my script. 2 is the position in that line. (left to right)
So, the position is 132 to down and 2 to right. Now you can go look what is missing, or wrong.

                  //Fatal error message box.// 

Fixing the errors.

Now we are going to fix the errors. I have put some errors right here, if you have another error, please Message me on the forums.

**Unexpected end of file**

This error can be the most common, it's mostly the missing of another “ somewhere, the most irritating of this is, you will need to look over the whole script for to know where it is.

Oh look, i found it. My error tells that it's on (132, etc…) altough it's actually on (19, etc…) (not shown on the image) So now i just replace it. And Done!

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