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-The door+====== ​The door ======
Line 47: Line 47:
-{{​jpUd9nK0ok06o.png?​direct&​}}+Under General tab, name the door to whatever you want.
-{{​id=200699&​a=d5244704ce59744641824ae7dd2b5b6d&​t=4f61cdf2&​o=AC0BF90318D823A4C9DFEAD5F753784D3DE049B004B62458A1BFA2DFF210D8CF55B117E40304&​n=wiki.png&i=1?direct&}}+I'll call it "​EXAMPLE_DOOR"​. 
 ====== The script ====== ====== The script ======
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 +<code c++>
 void DoorLockedPlayer(string &in entity) void DoorLockedPlayer(string &in entity)
- +  
 { {
 +    if(GetSwingDoorLocked("​EXAMPLE_DOOR"​) == true)
 +    {
 +        SetMessage("​Messages",​ "​msgname",​ 0);
 +    }
-SetMessage("​Messages",​ "​msgname",​ 0);+Now step by step:
-+void DoorLockedPlayer - this is the function that is called when the player interacts with the door (the one you've set in your level editor!)
- +
- +
-Now step by step:+
-void DoorLockedPlayer ​this is the function that is called when the player interacts ​with the door+GetSwingDoorLocked ​We are checking wheter ​the doors is locked or not, so we won't get the message even when it's unlocked and interacted ​with. "​EXAMPLE_DOOR"​ is the name of the door that we have given it earlier!
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