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Level Editor - Water

Area - liquid

Start with pressing on Areas (8). On the left side of the level editor you can press on a dropdown box. Press it and look for “Liquid” when

you find it you press it.

When you got Liquid selected you need to make an area where you want it to be, don't make it too high or u'll player will drown.

Then press left mouse to create it. Now you have the waterish in the water. Now you need to make a plane that will set the texture

for the water.

Plane - water

Press on Planes(9) > Search for a material > Textures > Water > Choose the water for your liking.

I preffer sewer_water since it gives you the creeps.

Make the plane as big as the Area is.

Drag the water ontop of the liquid area

Click on the water and go to Primitive tab and uncheck the “Collides” box.

Hope you find this usefull. Contact me (xtron) if you got any requests or questions.

created by xtron

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