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Level Editor - Water

Area - liquid

Start with pressing on Areas (8). On the left side of the level editor you can press on a dropdown box. Press it and look for “Liquid” when

you find it you press it.

[url=]Liquid picture[/url]

When you got Liquid selected you need to make an area where you want it to be, don't make it too high or u'll player will drown.

[url=]Dragin the area[/url]

Then press left mouse to create it. Now you have the waterish in the water. Now you need to make a plane that will set the texture for

the water.

[url=]Plane > Water[/url]

Press on Planes(9) > Search for a material > Textures > Water > Choose the water for your liking.

I preffer sewer_water since it gives you the creeps.

Make the plane as big as the Area is.

[url=]As big as the area is[/url]

Drag the water ontop of the liquid area

[url=]Ontop of the Liquid area[/url]

Click on the water and go to Primitive tab and uncheck the “Collides” box.

[url=]Uncheck Collides box[/url]

Hope you find this usefull. Contact me (xtron) if you got any requests or questions.

created by xtron

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