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Group window

This window can be used to group objects in a way that you can further control them, as in for example building a room and grouping all the room components in a group called “room”.

An object can belong to only one group at a time. Initially, all objects belong to the “None” group, which is a default dummy one.

The window has a menu bar and several inputs:

  • Menu:
    • New: creates a new group, adding the current selection to it if not empty.
    • Delete: deletes a selected group.
    • Add Selected Objects: will add the current selection to the selected group.
    • Remove Selected Objects: will remove the currently selected objects from the selected group.
    • Select Objects in Group: will select all the objects in the selected group.
    • Deselect Objects in Group: will deselect all the objects in the selected group.
  • A Group list: this ListBox will display the names of every created group. Note that the “None” group is a default one and will always be shown.
  • An object list: will show all objects belonging to a group selected in the list mentioned above.
  • Name input: its use is to rename groups. Note that the “None” group is a default one and cannot be renamed.
  • Visible: this will set objects in a group as visible or not.
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