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Improved Notepad++ HPS Support

The old notepad++ files which most people have installed had faults. Below is a list of fixes made to the existing hps support:

Hps Language Definition File (hps.xml)

  • Removed several unsupported functions
  • Added 3 new functions which are supported as of 1.2 justine patch
  • Added various missing supported type keywords (E.g uint)
  • Added keywords for classes, interfaces, enumarates, typedef and funcdef and possibly others
  • Removed “PlayerStartArea_” keyword
  • Probably a couple of other things too

Hps user defined lang file (userdefinedlang.xml)

  • Added folding regions (See sample hps file)
  • Overhauled color coding
  • Added appropriate color coding for all supported keywords
  • Added color for OnStart, OnLeave, OnEnter and OnGameStart events
  • Strings now have the escape char defined

Preview: Sample Script

I have also included a sample script file, and a text document containing installation instructions (note that these instructions will still work if you already have the current version installed - but you may have to restart notepad++ to see the changes take effect)

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