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There are no available official tools for MFP. You need to use the TDD ones which are available here.

Install them as said on the page, but in the MFP directory. Use version 1.3 or newer.

You might be missing the SDL.dll file; if you have TDD, just copy it from there to the main MFP folder. Otherwise, download the 32 bit version fromthe official website.

Debug mode

The debug set-up is the same as in TDD. You can read the tutorial here.

However, there are some missing features. F1 still brings up the debug menu, but it doesn't contain some of the previously present features. Unfortunately, the game can't be sped up with F3 and the map can't be reloaded with F2 anymore. F8 still makes screenshots, though.

MFP editor updates

To make the TDD tools load MFP files properly, you will need to mod them with custom config files.

Simply drag them into your MFP folder and replace all files when prompted.

Keep in mind this is work in progress and some functionality is still being restored.

Known issues / solutions

LevelEditor crashing when the /enemies entity folder is picked.
Find the folder and delete all .msh files.

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