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-====== Preparar ambiente de desarrollo ====== 
-Para hacer mapas para Amnesia necesitaras preparar el juego, asi puedes facilmente probar mapas y scripts. Primero que nada, sigue estos pasos para crear un usuario de desarrollo. 
-    - Entra al juego normalmente,​ crea un nombre de perfil (Ejemplo: MiNombre) y sal del juego. 
-    - Entra al directorio save ("Mis Documentos/​Amnesia/​Main"​ por defecto en windows; "​~/​.frictionalgames/​Amnesia/​Main"​ in Linux) y renombra el usuario (Por ejemplo: MiNombre) a "​dev_user"​. 
-    - Abre main_settings.cfg y cambia los siguientes valores: **ShowMenu="​false"​**,​ **ShowPreMenu="​false"​**,​ **ExitMenuDirectly="​true"​**,​ **LoadDebugMenu="​true"​** ​  ​(tambien cambiar **SaveConfig="​false"​**seria bueno). 
-    - Si Amnesia es 1.0.1 o superior, debes setear **ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving="​false"​** ​  ​main_settings.cfg,​ sino los cambios al mapa no se veran! 
-    - Abre user_settings.cfg (en el directorio "​dev_user"​),​ dentro del elemento **Debug** agrega **AllowQuickSave="​true"​** (F4=grabar, F5=cargar) y setea **ScriptDebugOn="​true"​**. 
-    - En **user_settings.cfg**,​ dentro del elemento **Map** setea **Folder=_fckg_QUOT__fckg_QUOT_** to the root folder for your maps (eg Folder="​MyMaps/"​),​ this folder MUST be located inside the maps folder in the game directory (where you put the tools). - In**user_settings.cfg**,​ inside the ** Map** element set **File=_fckg_QUOT__fckg_QUOT_** to point to the map you want to load (eg File="​"​). 
-    - In order to avoid running into "File index out of bounds"​ errors when designing your custom story in the level editor, edit the file**resources.cfg** located in the root the directory of Amnesia (i.e. where Amnesia is installed) and add the ''​custom_stories''​ directory to the list. 
-Now you can simply run Amnesia and the map will be loaded directly without any menu. You can now press **F1** to open a **debug menu** to turn on/off various things and more importantly quick reload the map. This is probably the most important thing to do when editing. When changed a script or added entities to a map, do NOT restart the game, instead simply press "Quick reload"​. If a mesh or texture has been updated, you need to press "​Reload"​. 
-By setting **ScriptDebugOn="​true"​** you have set the script function ScriptDebugOn() to return true. This is extremly important as you can add in your startup code something like: 
-if(ScriptDebugOn()) { 
-//Do your setup stuff 
-This will enable you to easily add all kinds of debug stuff (giving lantern, extra items, etc) wihout having to worry about removing it for the final release. 
-Now you should be ready to start some editing! 
-    -