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Line 226: Line 226:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Prints a string to the log. +Prints a string to the log (''​hpl.log''​).
 <code c++> <code c++>
 void AddDebugMessage(string&​ asString, bool abCheckForDuplicates);​ void AddDebugMessage(string&​ asString, bool abCheckForDuplicates);​
Line 240: Line 239:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-?+Prints an entry to the ProgLog.\\ 
 +ProgLog is a file created in Documents/​Amnesia/​main (or an FC folder if one is being used). It logs certain events, such us opening the menu or picking up the lantern, as well as the player'​s state (Health, Sanity, Oil, Tinderboxes,​ Coins), for the purpose of documenting a tester'​s playstyle.\\ 
 +This function allows to log custom messages.The messages in the ProgLog file are sorted by time elapsed since a map was loaded. 
 +ProgLog has to be enabled for a player profile in ''​user_settings.cfg''​ before it starts working.
-//asLevel //- can be "​Low",​ "​Medium"​ or "​High"​\\ +//asLevel //- can be "​Low",​ "​Medium"​ or "​High"​. It's a tag which appears in each log entry, for event prioritising.\\ 
-//asMessage //- ?+//asMessage //- The custom message to be printed to the log.
 <code c++> <code c++>
 bool ScriptDebugOn();​ bool ScriptDebugOn();​
Line 414: Line 418:
 //​afDestSpeed //- desired speed\\ //​afDestSpeed //- desired speed\\
 //afTime //- time in seconds until volume reaches desired speed //afTime //- time in seconds until volume reaches desired speed
 ==== Lights ==== ==== Lights ====
Line 699: Line 702:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Not sure what this does, but it has something to do with particle systems.+Spawns ​particle systems ​around the player. It uses the settings from ''​.sps''​ files which are located in the ''/​misc''​ folder.\\ 
 +Can be used e.g. to continuously spawn fog effects around the player.
 <code c++> <code c++>
Line 762: Line 766:
 <code c++> <code c++>
-bool InsanityEventIsActive();​+void InsanityEventIsActive();​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Checks whether an insanity event is currently in effect.+Checks whether an insanity event is currently in effect... Or so it was supposed to be, but as it doesn'​t return a value, we can never know {{http://​​lib/​images/​smileys/​icon_smile.gif?​nolink&​15x15}}
 ==== Player ==== ==== Player ====
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