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 +====== Tutorials ======
 +Here are the first 5 basic tutorials created by Frictional Games. Feel free to create additional tutorials or modify the existing ones, they can always be improved in particular more visual help.
-** +Make sure you have the {{:​hpl1:​|Tutorial example files}}.
-Before purchasin, carefully read Washing machine reviewsg +
 +===== Basic Tutorials =====
-Every time you planning on buying the latest and top quality washing machine, it is extremely very common problem that the place where do you beginning? One of the primary destinations to start out is always to go through some finest [washing machine recommendations]These critiques can assist you get an exceptional understanding of what consumers are proverb in regards to these washing machines ​and in what ways the quotes of washing machine to protect against affiliated machines designs. Where can you search the reviews about washing machine. That is another major question? There are numerous blogs attainable who are 100 % keen to **[[http://​​|washing machine reviews]]**. These critiques internet pages will provide you including a very good creating location to keep your opinion relating ​to your store shopping.+{{:​hpl1:​|Tutorial example files}}, download these if you want to do the tutorialsThey contain example files and basic files needed ​to create quick tests.
 +==== Tutorial 1 ====
-At these websites, you will learn info regarding durability, magnitude, product functionalities plus rainwater usage of a range of machineryA number of areas, you will see comments related ​to costingand how well the washing machine cleans the garments. Back then you place your entire this detail in unison, you need to have an optimal understanding of which kind of equipment is great for your children ​and you also.+[[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_1_-_introduction|TUTORIAL 1.1 – Introduction]]. How to create basic models and make them into entities in the game as well as important information regarding ​the file and catalog structure.
 +==== Tutorial 2 ====
-Thevery important considerations appearing for in this form of evaluation are if the published washing machine feedback look and feel believable and unbiasedSorry to state, this is not times true. In current’s web scene, it is extremely easy to identify recommendations,​ which can be made adversely because of contender of designer or by discontented people.+[[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_2_-_level_creation|TUTORIAL 2.1 Level Creation]] How to create ​very simple level.
 +==== Tutorial 3 ====
-Right at that moment so you see a webpage of assess that records lots of beneficial reviews and comments and or 2 which have been truly unenthusiastic,​ be aware that a person sometimes have were built with a ghastly moment. He or she can have even enjoyed a product which snuck right through quality command by absolutely pure fluke. You should confirm that you check out reviews ​and comments in its entirety to observe ​what people ​are planning. Should you would like to observe the testimonials that happens to be precise with a type of device or distinct make, a hassle-free look via the internet will give you tons of solutions. You could thing searching for websites that don’t promote a definite product, or model of machine and make. Websites like these of critique will usually have plenty ofcustomer’s critiques which might be recorded neutral. That is certainly absolutelyvery very important. You desire to comprehend what true everyday people contemplate with respect to their quality and capability of washing machines. Buying a washing machine is much like acquiring virtually any main home appliance in your own home. Confirm you have ended your homework earlier than you write down that test out.+[[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_3_-_materials|HPL Tutorial 3.Materials]] Creating materials ​and what they are.
 +==== Tutorial 4 ====
 +[[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_4_-_particles|TUTORIAL 4.1 – Particles]] Creating particles using the Particle Editor.
 +==== Tutorial 5 ====
 +[[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_5_-_scripting|TUTORIAL 5.1 – Scripting a light]] Putting it all together, models, level and script.
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