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Combine EditMode

This mode is used to create combinations of static geometry (combos).

combineeditmodewin.jpg combine02.jpg

  • Show all combos: when enabled, all created combos will be displayed.
  • Combinations: this ComboBox is used to pick the currently edited combo.
  • Add/Rem buttons: used to add a new combo / remove the currently edited combo.
  • Add/Remove/Toggle checkboxes: this selects the way the current combo will be edited. Moving the mouse on the viewport will highlight geometry objects.
    • Add: will add geometry objects to the combo when clicking on them.
    • Remove: will remove geometry objects from the combo when clicking on them (and they were part of the combo).
    • Toggle: will switch clicked objects between added or not added.
  • Color: this determines the tint that the objects in a combo will display.
  • Geometry objects list: will display a list of all the object names added to the currently edited combo.
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