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Main_Init - Config - Amnesia


Resources File with all resource directories
Materials The file with all physics materials
Game Path for game settings
Menu Path for menu settings
PreMenu Path for pre-menu settings
Demo Path for demo settings
DefaultMainSettings Main game settings
DefaultMainSettingsMedium “Medium” game settings
DefaultMainSettingsHigh “High” game settings
DefaultUserSettings Default user settings
DefaultUserKeys Default user keys settings
DefaultBaseLanguage The base language file. Should probably remains
DefaultGameLanguage The default language file to load. Note that directory below is used to find this!


MainSaveFolder This is very important to change! This is where the save games and user settings are stored
BaseLanguageFolder Folder where the base language folder placed. Should probably be left as is
GameLanguageFolder Folder where the game specific language files can be found
CustomStoryPath Path for custom stories


GameName Name of the game


File The map where the game starts
Folder The base folder for all maps
Pos The start position of the player

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