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Amnesia Lang Editor Tool - V1.1


I've always found myself prone to making syntax errors when writing the language file data for amnesia, but yet i found the existing Lang tool (HplLangTool) not quite what I was looking for either. It was also lacking a way of merging files together. So I've written up this new tool.


  1. Reads / Writes valid XML LANG files. Provides a useful error message if there was a parsing failure (errors tab) - helpful for debugging.
  2. Allows appending lang files together. If there is an entry collision the old entry is kept, and a message output to the errors tab.
  3. Easy to use, for adding & removing categories & entries you shouldn't even need the mouse.
  4. Collapsible tree structure to make categories easy to navigate.
  5. Resources information parsed
  6. Move entries between categories by dragging and dropping.
  7. Script support. You can now easily write scripts (C#) to generate language file content.
  8. SpellChecker


Requires .net framework 3.0 to run.

Latest Version:


Older Versions:

Beta 3
Beta 2
Beta 1

Quick Usage Guide

Open up a language file using “Open”. The Left hand side should list all the categories with a little “+” icon next to them (If a category has no entries then no + sign is listed). You can expand the categories by clicking this to show all the entries. Click an entry once to highlight it - the text associated with this entry should appear on the right. You can delete an entry by highlighting it and pressing the delete key.

Double click and entry or category to rename it. A list of other options are available by right clicking on on the left hand pane.

Full list of Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl + O : Open
Ctrl + S : Save
Ctrl + N : New

Ctrl + W : Add Category (Main tab)
Ctrl + E : Add Entry (Main tab)
Ctrl + P : Add Path (Resources tab)
Shift + Delete: Delete entry (Whilst not in focus)

Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo etc supported too.

Known bugs / Todo list

Look at adding multilanguage support (multiple dictionaries / custom dictionaries)?

Enable/Disable Spellchecker option.

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